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Parent: Brian Reynolds.  UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  Family Systems is in process of adopting Google Apps and Gadgets.  Earlier version.

Family Systems was founded by Brian Reynolds to develop Verbol voice based on the needs he perceived during his Work Experience managing an international software company, and with the potential to implement the Mirror Computer ideas thought up with his children.  Brian assigns his rights in all system design activity to Family Systems Ltd, a closely held company which he manages.  More at Family Systems Outline.

We are in process of gearing up from our invention stage to an operating business.  Here are some notes on who we are and ideas for a Verbol Business Plan.  We are presently a small team and eager to work with others; please also read the open letter from Brian at Invitation to Cooperate.  Various patents have been filed and issued, listed in Family Systems Patent Filings


Verbol voice



Invitation to Cooperate